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     Woman wear accessories for many different reasons. Wearing accessories with any outfit can complete and transform a look. Handbags, in particular, I believe is the most important accessory that any girl could own. Some women prefer to wear crossbody bags because of their convenience. Crossbody bags are at times very lightweight to carry and small. Other women prefer tote bags because they can fit just about any and everything inside of their bag.  Experts in the Fashion Accessory Industry is always looking for ways to attract women who in the pass would not be interested in purchasing a handbag,  a pair of earrings or a scarf. When it comes to shopping for Accessories it is all about the style, texture, colors and quality of the accessory.

Three Tips to purchasing the perfect handbag!

Shopping for a handbag for your body type can be difficult but it doesn't have to be if you follow these three tips:

1.  Thick Waist- or top-heavy women- a hip-length crossbody bag is a nice choice. Crossbody bags are another great choice as the diagonal strap across the body creates a slimming effect across the waist.



2.   Slim body- stays away from bags that are too big. Smaller handbags in size will be the perfect fit.


3. Curvy or plus size women need to look for bags that are more structure such as messages or a belt bag.

Don’t sleep on neutral color accessories!

1.      Gray- is a neutral color which is an essential color when shopping for an everyday accessory.


2.      Black and White- You can get away with wearing these two colors because they are also neutral colors but they are bold and together they make a statement.

3. Blush- this is a color that is a must-have. You can wear this color all year and still be on trend. It goes with most skin tones

Quality vs. Quantity

It is very important to know when to donate or get rid of  your accessories that you own. Here are my three tips to help you out!


1.   Purchasing a handbag for fifty dollars verses ten dollars does not determine the quality of a handbag. The secret is you have to pay close attention to detail .

2. If your closet looks like an accessories boutique then that is a clear sign that it is time to donate, sell OR get rid of some of your items.


3. When it comes to accessories I always say "if you treat your accessories well it will treat you well". In other words, a fifty dollar bag is just as good as a one hundred dollar bag.


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